Chainlink - Privacy Products - Top Locking Slat

As an alternative approach to our bottom-locking style, these slats also provide an ecomonical and attractive way to enhance any chain link fence. The locking system is located near the top of the slats to ensure a clean, straight edge along the top of the fence; further enhancing it's appearance.


  • Design: Top-Locking Slats are flat and tubular in shape, with circular, notched out holes located near the top of the slat.
  • Fast and Easy Installation: There is no need to kneel down! Simply insert the slats vertically from top to bottom, keeping the locking holes on top. Then thread the flexible locking channel horizontally through the notched holes in the slats. These holes are elliptical to ensure they always stay open for fast and easy threading.
  • Wind Load and Privacy Factor: Approximately 75% .
  • Warranty: 25 year pro-rata against breakage.

Stocked colors are green, white, brown, black, beige, grey and redwood in 4, 5 and 6 foot heights. Other heights (from 3' to 12') and light blue color available upon request.

Chainlink - Privacy Products - Maximum Slat

When you need increased privacy, our Maximum Slats are the answer. With the proven quality and durability of our standard slats plus unique "wings" for extra screening and security, these slats are installed using a bottom channel system.

Stock colors include green, white, brown, black, beige and grey.

Maximum slats are manufactured for fences 3' to 6' high.

MAXIMUM SLATS are manufactured with a Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) and ultraviolet inhibitors, specifically designed to retard the harmful effects of the sun and lengthen the life of the product. This product carries a 25 year pro-rata warranty against breakage under normal conditions.

Chainlink - Privacy Products - Hedge Link

Hedgelink The colour and texture of Hedgelink has been carefully chosen to ensure a natural appearance even when viewing HedgeLink up close. The density of our product actually obscures the chain link mesh from view. The resulting look is that of a finely trimmed evergreen hedge that blends in the natural foliage. 10 year warranty.

Chainlink - Privacy Products - Fence Weave

Fence Weave

  • Easy to apply
  • Decorative
  • Custom Designing
  • Converts chain link fence to privacy fence
  • Assorted colors available
  • One package contains 250' for a total coverage of 40 sq. ft.
  • 5 year warranty

Chainlink - Privacy Products - Safety Top Cap

Safety Top Cap Our newest product serves two purposes. First, the unique design protects against injury by covering the knuckles or barbs on top of the chain link fence and also it acts as a decorative trim piece to complement any galvanized or coloured chain link fence system